Monday, April 21, 2008

For the Truly Strange and Out-of-This-World

I "slush read" for an online horror magazine. If you have a creepy, bizarre, surreal, or downright frightening poem or short story (the shorter, the tauter, the better), or you're an artist with some weird artwork, check out the guidelines at Fear & Trembling.
(cover art by E.J. Mickels, II)

If you have some speculative
(science fiction, fantasy, surreal)
short fiction, poetry, or artwork, try out MindFlights.
(cover artwork by Michelle J.A. McIntyre)


The Texican said...

Thanks Keanan, I have mind flights everyday. They started at age fifty and continue to increase in frequency each year. I'm sure I will slip into the fantasy world before long. :o)


(laughing) Yeah, well, you don't have to wait till fifty to go for a mental wander. I'm proof of that.

Anonymous said...

Omigosh! You are losing it! Ha, ha. I can't talk, when I sometimes can't remember co-worker's names!

But I read the guidlines, and the Asian horror tale will be forthcoming. Okay if I run it by your editorial self before submission?