Thursday, June 26, 2008

An Arkansas Backyard


Anonymous said...

So is this where you keep your hidden treasures? :)
The Bach

Pappy said...

Where do the people in Arkansas get all that money? Great photo and title. I'm back.

Lavinia said...

Surely this is a hobbit's house?

Keanan Brand said...

Bach - That's where the lawnmower hides (unless, as has been the case lately, my dad confiscates it), and the tub covers the mower whenever I leave it outside. I store tools and the wheelbarrow down there, too.

Tex - Y'know, I just don't know where all my riches go. They disappear before I ever get a chance to even smell 'em!

Lavinia - Considering my height, that door is just about right. (Just kidding!)