Friday, June 13, 2008

Brief Update

Went to a writers meeting last night. Will post more about that when I have time.

I'm taking five minutes at work to respond to the comments in the previous post, and then I'm out the door with a small group of kids for an hour or so of photography around the neighborhood (saves fuel costs and permission slips).

One of our kids is up for her possible second national win this year. Whoo Hoo! We won't know the results, though, for another couple of weeks.


Anonymous said...

I just read over the recent posts--I think it's cool that you are sharing the story! Tell me about the writers' meeting. Are you still with the same group that you and I met with a while back, or is it a new one?

Tess Kincaid said...

Fill me in...national win for photography? Exciting!

Pappy said...

Great Job Keanan. I know the little fellers appreciate your efforts.

Keanan Brand said...

Jade - I'll post next about the writers group. It's the same crowd, with a couple extra members.

Willow - The girl won in 2006 for a digital entry, and this year she's up for consideration again, this time for a photo of Independence Day fireworks.

My Club has had several winners in past years, most before I began working there, but we had a long dry spell despite our efforts. One third place national winner never knew he won: he was killed in a freak hunting accident, shortly after his 10th birthday. His winning entry hangs in my office.

Tex - I just hope they take advantage of all the opportunities they're offered. I didn't, and occasionally kick myself for missed chances.