Saturday, June 14, 2008

Tagged Again: 10 Questions

I missed this tag on Wednesday over at Bachelor at Wellington's blog: ten questions that help people get to know me.

So, tardy though I may be, my answers are below.

1) What I was doing 10 years ago: working my way through a new job (which I still have), helping Dad with major repairs and remodeling of my house, and taking a new direction with my life.

2) My 5 favorite snacks: (Do drinks count?) Coffee, ice cream, baked potato chips, jerky, and I can't think of a fifth right now.

3) Five things on my to-do list today: feed Dad and Gayle's dogs and chickens, mow the yard, transplant a tomato plant, go to the post office, wash dishes. (I've only accomplished three.)

4) Things I would do if I were a billionaire: (Some of mine resemble Bachelor's.) Pay off all my bills and those of my family, set up a better retirement fund than I currently have, give money to various charities with which I agree and ministries I trust, open a bookstore in my small town, start a literature and art appreciation program for young people, quit work and write for an occupation, travel a bit, finish further repairs on my house.

5) Five jobs that I've had: pet sitter, laborer for Dad's construction/remodeling business, cook at a fast-food restaurant, department store clerk, program director at a youth organization.

6) Five bad habits of mine: too much coffee, too many movies, too many books, too little sleep on work nights, and too little exercise (despite all the walking and lifting I do at work).

7) Five places I've lived: Long Beach, California; Albany, Oregon; Sweet Home, Oregon; LaPine, Oregon; Springdale, Arkansas; San Diego, California (and more).

8) Five random things people wouldn't know about me: I want to ride in a hot air balloon; I'm tutoring two children in reading this summer; I want to visit Sweden and look up relatives on my mother's side of the family; I'd like to quit my job, sell the house, and wander the country; I'm short (not quite 5'5").

9) Five CDs I'd have to have on a desert island: (I'll just list artists.) Aaron Copland, Bryn Terfel, Rich Mullins, Steven Curtis Chapman, Mozart.

10) Five people I want to know better: Some have already been mentioned by Bachelor, but I will include one on this list, anyway. So there!

For the People
Charlotte Rose (who has already included on her blog a very long, cool list of stuff she's done)


Eaglewing said...

Interesting things here on your list. I stay up too late too :) Thanks for the tag, I'll have to put something up.

Pappy said...

I feel like I know you better already. :)

Lavinia said...

I printed this off and read it yesterday. Wow, there is so much here that I didn't know about you...its fun getting to know a little more about my fellow know beef jerky just hits the spot sometimes....

I love your oh-so-domestic list of things to do...imagining the tomato plant cradled so gently in your hands as you tranplant it...

As for your bad habits...I think you've just described every one of us bloggers...laughing out loud....we obviously love to read, and there ain't nothing wrong with that... especially when the reading is so good on some blogs...yours included, naturally.:)

Keanan Brand said...

Turns out, my dad beat me to the punch and transplanted the tomato, packing the hole full of rather fragrant (ahem) fertilizer. I held the shovel.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for you great list of tags here... good to know you better....and I drink way too much coffee too, bud....
Sorry I'm so late commenting here. I've been so busy...
Take care and thanks again for your list.
The Bach