Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Interesting (Probable) Autistics

This random post was inspired by a couple things: myself, and a recent viewing of Season Four of Monk on DVD. Sure, Adrian Monk is a character plagued by multiple phobias and quirks, but his way of thinking and deducting makes me think his creator and writers may have given him a
definite bent toward autism.

Below are some writers, musicians, and artists whose work I enjoy and who displayed traits indicating autism/Asperger's Syndrome:

Isaac Asimov
Vincent Van Gogh
Jane Austen
Mark Twain
Ludwig van Beethoven
Henry Thoreau
Emily Dickinson
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Thomas Jefferson (more than a politician, he was a writer and an architect, and so finds a place on this list)

I'd like to learn about more people who might fit this list. Know any?


Pappy said...

Yeah with that list you might not want to over medicate. Just keep an eye on them and enjoy their creations.

Tess Kincaid said...

This is fascinating Keanan. It's true that many bent toward this affliction are also geniuses. And they are usually very socially secluded.

Anonymous said...

I love Monk(Becky does, too)and it's his quirkiness that keeps us watching the show. I don't have any characters to contribute, but Mr Asimov suprised me by making the list!

Anonymous said...

Why do you want to know more people that fit this list? My curiosity has the best of me. :)
The Bach...

Lavinia said...

Gee I was here the other day and could have sworn I left a comment...I wonder what happened to it?

Keanan Brand said...

Tex - Yep. I work with a couple of autistic kids, and it's never boring!

Willow - Kinda go interested in this kind of list when I read something about Emily Dickinson. Of course, there's probably no way of knowing for sure if any of these people actually WERE autistic. Hard to diagnose adults.

Jade - Just finished watching Season Five. Funny!

Bach - Some form of autism/Asperger's was offered in recent months as one possible reason for some of my behaviors/ways of thinking. I do not have either the insurance or the funds to pursue further investigation and/or treatment, but being given a list of possibilities at least assures me I'm not crazy.

Lavinia - Did you leave it on a different post, perhaps?