Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday Challenge

This being Sunday, here's a link for those not afraid of in-your-face Biblical truth.

The speaker, Paul Washer, warns at the beginning that he will say things that will anger, things with which people will disagree.

My response is this: Only those who are afraid of truth or of the necessity of change, or are confronted with unwelcome truth, will be angered. There is no lie in the message.

So, that said, if you have a little over 45 minutes to devote to a spiritual challenge, go here.

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Washer is affiliated with HeartCry Missionary Society.

I went to Bible college in 1989-90, and majored in Missions and in Music. Didn't graduate, but always wondered what directions my life would have taken if I did.

I do know that it is only in this direction I live now that the writing has been possible. I might have been caught up in trying to excel in areas where I had no real talent -- in music, that is -- and been frustrated and useless. With writing, I know I have contributed something worthwhile in the lives of other writers.


Anonymous said...

I didn't get to watch either video yet, but I was reading comments of people who did. Interesting.
Reminds me of someone the other day who was sure that Jesus wouldn't save everyone, that you had to live the right kind of life to get into heaven. They were angry in their comments. I just stood back and listened to them. Wow. They really thought they were right! Sometimes through silence you can learn a lot. That is so not the right attitude that they had!!
Anyway, about music--I love it, too, but also wonder about the path I took--and looking back, I know that there were steps leading to today--and new ones that will lead to dreams that aren't realities yet.

Keanan Brand said...

Yeah, just by reading the comments you can tell that people didn't "get" the message of the sermon, let alone the Bible.

Every once in a while, I get a case of the "might have beens", but for the most part am thankful that the troubles I've encountered have created a stronger me.

I still feel the tug toward missions, though.