Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Attempting a Course Correction -- Again

Several weeks ago, I posted something about trying to get this blog back on track, to where it used to be, but the focus is still--well--unfocused.

"Adventures in Fiction" started out being about writing, by a writer, for writers. It's wandered into other paths since then. It's okay to branch out, explore. That's part of fiction.

And all this wandering has introduced me to many other bloggers who share some interests besides writing. I can be almost too focused sometimes; a broader horizon forces me to stretch the brain.

Yet, in the interest of focus, I'm considering backing out of a few things.

* * *

I rented Season Four of Monk, the television series, and one episode in which Mr. Monk goes undercover in an office reminded me of why I do not want to work ever again in a corporate office atmosphere.


Pappy said...

Be sure to check behind you before you back out. I enjoy the new and slightly more diversified version. But when have you ever listened to me? :)

Lavinia said...

True corporate office atmosphere does not agree with some people. You have the world open before you....hope you find your niche until the big bucks come rolling in from your book sales. I know that it *will* happen for you; you are too talented for it *not* to!

Keanan Brand said...

You're right, Tex: I'm pretty stubborn sometimes. However, I'll try to keep up the mixed focus of personal and writing-related entries.

Lavinia - If only I could get something finished and polished and out the door.

Eaglewing said...

A course correction. Sounds like something I could use too. good luck on yours.