Saturday, January 31, 2009

Don't Ask

I worked Saturday, and I'm still dealing with lung crud, so I was tired when I returned home.

I sat on the couch and closed my eyes--"just for a minute"--and woke up hours later. In this extended nap, I had a whacked-out dream about the silly, bizarre games monsters and Greco-Roman gods play when they're on a camping trip. (Friends don't let werewolves hunt drunk.)

Then, in the middle of all this strangeness, I freaked out because I'd forgotten to talk about a group of gods in Dragon's Bane--

"Wait. These guys aren't part of the story," and I went back to sleep.


However, I did dream up some cool dialogue for a vampire story.


Eaglewing said...

Whacked out dreams are the best, especially if they lead to stories and vampire dialogue.

Anonymous said...

Hey, you can work that one into a short story. I haven't been writing much--got stuck on the new horror story. Darn! But I'll try to abate my laziness on my days off. Love the cover of RayGun that you showed off!


Eagle - I find that to be true. I've recorded several dreams in my journal, just so I can go back to them in the future and use them for story fodder.

Jade - That dream might make a great base for a satire or a comedy. No worries about the new horror story -- keep 'em comin'!