Monday, January 12, 2009


I meant to write in the science fiction genre on Sunday; instead, I wrote a little fantasy.

As I have said often in the past, I am not a reader of McCaffrey and her famous Dragonriders, of Donita K. Paul or Bryan Davis, nor of any other series of dragon tales, and did not set out to include dragons in my fantasy. One day--or, rather, one night, since the scene in the first manuscript occurs after nightfall--a dragon flew overhead, seeking one of the major characters, and became so integral to the plot that I could not dislodge him.

Due to story requirements, he has since become she; and, as the writing has progressed over the years, I've learned interesting things about the species: surprisingly human in rivalries, humors, and intelligence, and with a variety of skills divided among the clans. If my dragons resemble those of another writer, it will be by chance and not intention. Well, aside from Puff of folk music fame, the only dragon who can truly be said to bear a resemblance to mine is Smaug, who was intelligent and darkly funny, and fired my childhood imagination. The scene between him and Bilbo Baggins is one of my favorites in The Hobbit.


Strider said...

I don't pay much attention to my blog when it says you have "X" amount of followers. But I was checking it out tonight and noticed your name. I guess I don't know if you "follow" my blog on a regular basis or not...but I appreciate you coming by. I am honored. Thanks. Strider

Anonymous said...

Where'd you get the picture? Great art! I always liked Smaug, too. Like you, I'm not a dragon fantasy fan, but I like Dera in your story. It's funny how our characters develop all on their own, seemingly. And we learn about them as if they were not our own creation!

Eaglewing said...

Kudos on the creativity to inadvertently add a dragon to a story. Hope she uses her fire breathing powers for good.


Strider - I read more than I comment, being of the mind that one should only speak when one has something to say, but I enjoy keeping up with a variety of blogs whenever I can.

Jade - The picture is a cel from the animated movie of The Hobbit from back in the late 70s. If you like Dera, I'm afraid you won't like her fate! It involves Gaeren and a certain dagger.

Eagle - I'm afraid she doesn't. She's the aforementioned Dera. She finds the man she's hunting, but doesn't come to a good end.