Saturday, January 3, 2009

Indiana Jones and Reading Quest

Basketball games are going on in the gym, and I'm in my office, cruising the internet, looking for Indiana Jones images I can use for a bulletin board at the Boys & Girls Club.

Reading Quest is an annual literacy contest in which kids participate by reading books and then bringing those books to me so I can make copies of the front covers. The children also must give a brief oral book report about each. This year's theme is Indiana Jones, and the kids have been waiting for January 1 to arrive so they can start the contest.

As I've been perusing various sites, I "imagined up" a possible addition to the contest: Instead of just reading, what if the participants also had a chance to write stories, too? It's so obvious, why didn't we do it all the previous years we've had the program?

So, here's the possible writing theme for Reading Quest 2009: a short piece of fiction about Indiana Jones and the Crusaders' Last Raid of the Temple of the Crystal Skull.

Or Indiana Jones and the Doomed Raiders' Last Crusade on the Crystal Temple of the Lost Ark?

Whaddya think? Too much?


The Texican said...

I guess "imagined up" is O.K. considering we use "conjured up". Oh, you were talking about the titles, I always think less is more. Whatever it takes to get the juices flowing though. Pappy

BT said...

Phew, I'd find it so difficult and I'm no longer a teenager by a long way! Let's hope the participants are full of inspiration as I do think the idea itself is a fine one.

Anonymous said...

Or, Crystal Jones and the Temple of the Doomed Skull? As in a teen girl's version, Jones' niece tagging along on a mission. Ha, ha, just couldn't resist taking it one step further.

I just read the last few entries(I've been offline, but now have two glorious days of freedom before inventory sets in). Lost Genres Guild sounds interesting, I will have to check it out! Also, glad to see the latest episode is in print!


Tex - The title ideas for the writing contest are just a mishmash of existing Indiana Jones titles, meant to induce a chuckle, if not inspiration. But inspiration is the goal.

BT - Hey! It's a long way from my teen years, and it's hard to find a way back to that way of thinking. Anything crazy and sideways, though, seems to catch attention. I hope this works!

Jade - I like that Crystal Jones idea. It has distinct possibilities.

I've been intermittent with the online presence, too, but I hope to settle back into a groove again.