Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hoopin' It Up

Basketball season is in full swing at the Boys & Girls Club.

Here are a couple shots taken from the concession stand when I had to man the battle station one day back in December.

The first photo is of a staff member on his way out the door after collecting a stray basketball right before a scheduled practice. The flash was off, and the camera was steadied on the concession counter instead of a tripod, but I wanted the blur so there's motion to the picture.

Shooting under the gym lights can cast a grey or greenish hue over the pictures, but using the flash can wash out the subjects and make them look like they're standing in a cave.

The second shot is of a boy on his way to practice, but I think he was only a spectator, being too young for the team. (My memory is kinda fuzzy; I've slept since then, as the saying goes.) Like the way I included a nice view of the concession trash? I wasn't paying attention to the background clutter, or I'd have framed the photo differently.

And how about a shot of the snack chips waiting to be devoured by hungry kids with more cash in their pockets in a week than I have in a month? (I give myself an allowance for movies or whatever, but the rest stays in the checkbook.)

The photography contest is coming up, and the deadline for the essay contest fast approaches. Kids who aren't motivated by the love of writing are motivated by the $50 prize; others are motivated by popsicles. (Every completed essay earned the author a popsicle on Monday.) Hey, fifty bucks is a long shot, but a popsicle is a sure thing.


Eaglewing said...

Nice pics, well shot. I'm still trying to learn to take decent photos (flash, no flash, bur, yikes.)

Popsicles for writing seems like an excellent motivator :)

Keanan Brand said...

I'm nowhere near where I want to be when it comes to decent photography. Wish I had better equipment and more time.

Yeah, popsicles got a greater reaction from the kids than the thought of $50. Just goes to show that the old saying about one man's trash being another man's treasure has many applications.