Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Family and Books

Bubba, Bubba's Wife, and the kiddos have departed the premises, headed home to Ohio. They left about 20 minutes ago, a few hours later than they intended, because "Tiny Whiny One" kept the adults in a state of wakefulness for the past few nights, and last night was no different. She couldn't breathe or get comfortable due to sinus congestion.

Rae is a year and a half old, and she's quite a talker, with inflection and hand gestures and whole paragraphs in her own little language. Some words are intelligible--they say what she means to say--and others are (or sound like) more sophisticated words jumbled together in silly sentences that make perfect sense to Rae, but let the rest of us interpret as we will, sometimes with hilarious results.

Rae's older sister, Jamie, will be eleven next month, and her conversation is also abundant, but it's actually understandable. She's a reader, consuming entire books in the same amount of time other children are arriving at Chapter Three. I received several books for Christmas, and one of those was a kid's book (I collect childrens fiction to use in Story Time at the Club)--Inkheart--which Jamie devoured before moving on to The Book of Names, which is the next novel we'll be discussing on Christian Science Fiction & Fantasy Blog Tour later this month. She finished the book yesterday morning, so I interviewed her before I headed to work, and will use her responses in one of my posts during the tour.

The house feels empty without all the extra stuff and people that accompany a visit from Bubba and clan. Ah, well.

Time to get back to work, and do some writing.

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Pappy said...

Company is like fish. They start to smell after three days. Pappy :)