Friday, June 12, 2009

Late Night Check-In

It's now officially Friday morning, and well past time for me to, as the old-timers say, hit the hay.

The writers group met Thursday evening, and there was the usual exchange of news before settling down to reading whatever chapters were brought. Only two this time: one from a suspense novel in progress, and another from a fictionalized family history. And, as has become my wont, I brought nothing but my usual adamant -- some might say maniacal -- quest to rid the world of misused ellipses, misplaced modifiers, and missing commas.

Although, I have to admit, misplaced modifiers or missing commas can lead to humorous results; for a rough example, "After four years of law school then deciding to become a mechanic, drivers brought their cars to Scott's garage for the fastest, cleanest oil change in town."

Really? All those drivers went to law school then became mechanics? Well, then. They can change the oil in their own vehicles, can't they? Ol' Scotty'll be out of a job.

After a hectic week and a long day, my brain is on the verge of a sleep-induced shut-down. I've already fallen asleep at the computer several times during the past few days, and am bound to do so again during the summer. I hope someone else out there is having a lively time in my stead.

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