Saturday, June 13, 2009

Summer Storm

We've been having curious weather lately -- bright days, then short but often fierce thunderstorms -- which put me in mind of a poem I wrote as an attempt to show a kid hesitant to enter the poetry contest at the Boys & Girls Club that 1) poetry is possible, 2) it doesn't have to rhyme, and 3) it can be about things that happen to us every day:


Metal tangs dusty air,
and devils dance—
lightning threads fire in the west.

Green sky looms,
thunder threatens—
gorged black clouds oppress the light.

Fire stabs, scattering
the blood of clouds—
fat warm drops blessing my face.

Trees bow before the wind
but I stand, arms outspread,
welcoming the storm.

c. 2006, Keanan Brand
True to the pattern set over the last few days, today is sunny so far, but there are predictions of thunderstorms every day into next week. I'm not complaining, though. I'll take rain over tornadoes any time!

Updated Sunday, June 14: Another fierce but brief storm overnight, one that knocked large branches down on my roof, which will now need to be inspected for holes. And, despite the sun, there was a short spate of rain. Go figure.

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