Friday, June 5, 2009

Movie Date with Mom

Just got back from watching Star Trek. Wa-Hoo! What a ride!

I'm behind most of the cinema-going public, having to wait often until movies come out on DVD before seeing them, and I had planned on going after work tonight to watch Knowing, (which is now at the discount theatre, and springing for a $2.50 movie with an interesting premise wouldn't shred the wallet), but then Mom called last night. She wanted to go to the movies, too.

So, after checking the listings, I called her at work today.

Her first choice was a certain flick that wasn't playing except during the afternoon, and she didn't want to see Knowing, since someone told her how it ends. "You want to see Star Trek?"

Like she had to ask.

I know I did. "Are you sure you want to see Star Trek?"

"Yeah. Why not? Besides, I know this science fiction writer--" She laughed.

Alrighty then.

After the phone call, I checked the wallet. Whew. A ten-dollar bill in the pocket; three dollar bills folded in with the coins. Just enough for dinner off the dollar menu at Burger King, and then the $8.50 ticket.

If anyone in my family is willing to lay down cash for an evening showing of a movie, we really want to see it. Mom actually pulled twenty dollars out of her account for this scintillating evening. I think she's becoming -- or, perhaps, she always has been, quietly -- a science fiction fan.

We arrived early enough to grab a couple seats high up in the back of the theatre. When the opening music started, I almost laughed out loud. Not because there was anything funny or wrong, but because the music was grand and wide and perfect. BAM. I was in.

Turns out, so was Mom. We were among the few who laughed in all the right places, and in a few that no one else in the surrounding seats seemed to think amusing. That's typical for this family, though. We have a skewed sense of humor.

Being a Trek viewer from way back, I listened for the signature lines -- "Damn it, Jim, _______(fill in the blank)" from McCoy, for instance, or "I'm giving her all she's got, captain!" from Scotty. The cast did an excellent job filling roles made famous by other actors, and I am reminded why I'm a J.J. Abrams fan.

I don't care about any dodgy science or any plot holes that folks have mentioned in their much more thorough reviews. I like to make up my own mind, and I know I like this film. It's intelligent, it's poignant, it's full to the gunnels with action, and I had a blast watching it.

So did Mom. She said more than once as we crossed the parking lot to our respective automobiles, "That was fun!"

What better review need there be?


Alexander Field said...

That was what I kept saying about the was just such a fun ride! : )

Phy said...

Your joy is infectious and your description of your 'movie date' with your Mom is precious. I'm glad you enjoyed the evening (and survived the lens flare!). ;)

Anonymous said...

Absolutely! A great movie, one I'll own when it goes on a good DVD sale. I'm not a "trekkie", but enjoyed it immensely--darn good review!

Keanan Brand said...

Alex - Like a kid at an amusement park, I had so much fun, I wanna go around again!

Phy - Yeah, we can hang out together and have a great time, but we could never peacefully share the same house. (Or, only RARELY did we peacefully share the same house.)

Jade - Yup, yup, yup, as soon as the DVD is available, it's going into my collection.