Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Fiction Arts & Crafts

Wish I had a picture to share of my cut-and-paste project: the result of literally cutting apart the manuscript and putting it back together, with scissors and tape and pieces of scrap paper for the backing.

Maybe I'll take a photo later and post it. There's a lot of scribbled writing in between the portions of neat type, most of it just the roughest outline of what I will later type in that space.

Much of the pasted material is from old stuff that I cut from the original manuscript and saved in various files for use later, such as now. Unless you know it's utter crap, never, never, never throw anything away. You never know when you'll need it again.


Eamon said...

'Never throw anything away' - absolutely, and even half-boiled ideas etc .. can be useful to mull over at a later point in time.


Yup. Some of the stuff I'm using now was written several months ago--some of it YEARS ago--and is just now becoming truly useful.