Thursday, March 6, 2008

Puzzle Pieces

The only thing resembling writing this week--aside from updating this blog--has been the rearranging of scenes for the third part of the current novel. 

I want to continue the momentum, but I also have a timeline to keep and several groups of characters (seven groups, to be precise, with an eighth in pursuit and a ninth advancing to attack the eighth) to move toward the same place geographically. 

There are two significant places left for characters to gather, and I've decided that the first of those places--the foothills between a rugged mountain range and a dense forest--will open Part Three. The second place--a ruined fortress--will end Part Four.

Place and time together provide an organic outline for the story. A decision and demi-climax will occur in the foothills; as a result, pursuit ensues, and the big finish occur in the ruins.

Needless to say, I've done a lot of thinking and played a lot of solitaire, moving cards around like moving scenes, pieces of a puzzle.


Anonymous said...

puzzles? Love em! will start on DR today!


Great! My brother and his wife have started the novel, and so has Dad, but no word yet on the results. The writers group doesn't have any copies yet.

Eaglewing said...

This sounds epic! 9 groups? How do you keep track of it all? It's great though that as the plotting in the mind comes together, so does the story.

The Texican said...

I've tagged you with a task--- read my blog to get instructions. Tag, you're it! Don't feel obligated to play, but I'm sure you would do a good job with it.


Eagle - It is epic, but only 'cause it's grown with the telling! I am a disorganized organizer, which means I do take notes and keep notebooks, reminding myself what people look like, or recording scenes or bits of dialogue I want to use later, but I often forget where I put those things, or I have a strange collection of notes on bits of paper, napkins, grocery receipts, etc. However, I've lived with these characters for so long that now I keep track much of the action and plot in my head.

Tex - I'm heading over there right now.